The DRC United Business Group will be managing artists both artistically and business-wise. We will be taking on the management of the development of the artist's career. Furthermore, we will have producers working under the company, but managing their artists as well.


The DRC United Business Group will be assisting people who have always wanted to invest in the stock market but do not know where to start or what to invest in. We will be providing them the basis of what is required to get started, and for a fee will be providing a weekly list of stocks to look into and potentially buy.


The DRC United Business Group will be hosting and organizing their events by taking on the task of organizing events and being part of an organizational process. We are looking to organize a plethora of events such as parties, weddings, social events, concerts, etc.


The DRC United Business Group will be launching a clothing line, under a trial name “BOMOKO” which means “as one” or “unite” in lingala. The clothing line will consist of trendy jackets, track suits, shirts (short and long sleeves), sweaters and hoodies just to name a few. The clothing line will be a great initiative in increasing brand awareness. Furthermore, we will be partnering up with other brands to help promote and sell their clothing line under our company for shared equity.

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