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Christian N’Siny

My name is Christian N’Siny, I am the Co-Founder of The DRC United Business Group. The idea to start the company derived from a conversation between my partner Glody and I. We had noticed that there is a lot of hidden talent within the community that go unnoticed. We decided to create a platform where these hidden gems attain assistance building their legacy. This type of energy and mindset is what we strive for because, we all end up evolving together, hence our company slogan “Bomoko”, which means “Unity” in our native language Lingala.


I have a strong background in the Canadian banking system and mutual funds. I am currently completing my Diploma in Business Human Resource Management. My role consists of overseeing the music management process, including drafting, revising, and finalizing contracts. I am responsible for recruiting company employees and also leading the Investment department.

Christian N’Siny
Toronto, Ontario
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