Tyche Kasweka is a well-known worship leader based in Toronto, Ontario. She grew up in a family that loves to serve The Lord and who also has a passion for music. Her voice has a unique sound that can lead to Worship God.


Tyche released a few singles such as Your Love and Loved By You just to name a few that resonated in the eras of many. Her love for God transcends in her music and also resonates when she leads people into worship. We are confident that she will release a sound that will bless you as you listen to her music.


Her approach to music solely is founded on her relationship with Jesus. Apart from being a child that was raised by pastors. She learned to rely on her relationship with God to have a clear understanding of her identity. Through this, she was able to determine that she was called not only to influence the people around her but was called to lead others before the throne by worship in spirit and in truth.

"Choose to lean on God and not your own understanding"

We hope that you are blessed by the Tyche has to offer. As a matter a fact we know that you won't be disappointed when you encounter Tyche through her music or even when she is motivating others with words of encouragement.

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