Joe Kenga

Joe Kenga is a rising worship leader and musician/artist based in Montreal. His ministry began early as a musician playing the drums, alongside renowned artist like Moise Mbiye and Cedric Beton. He is currently making a statement his music in Canada, while spreading the message of God & Faith.


Apart from being a worship leader and artist, Joe has a love for the word of God. He understood that his foundation needed to be in Christ first as he understood that God is at the root of everything. Joe waited years to launch his career, as he needed Gods approval to proceed with the ministry. Recently, Joe released his first studio album entitled “Renaissance”. The album is currently performing well, and our hope is that the album blesses the big  body of Christ immensely.


His approach as an artist has always been about being authentic and real. Fitting in was never the motive when it came to creating his music but instead he always had a need to evolve in his own lane, and create something unique. This could be seen in his most recent Renaissance concert, which is available on his YouTube Channel.

"There's a price to pay when you need fulfill your destiny, you MUST pay the price."

We hope that as you discover Joe Kenga, you may be blessed with his sound and the words that God has placed in him to transmit to the listeners.

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