Allison is a young worship leader that is based in Ottawa. She started ministering by showcasing that you can be cool and still honor God. Her objective was and has always been to serve God and please God.


Apart from being a worship leader and a motivator she has a love for the word of God. She understood that her foundation needed to be in Christ first as she understood that He is the one that is her support in everything. Recently she released her new sing entitled “ELOHÉ” which means Mighty One. It was our understanding that was we work with Allison that we understood that in everything we need to press on the Mighty One to advance in our lives.


Her approach has always been about being authentic and real when it comes to being an artist. Fitting in was never the motive when it came to realize her music but it was about being a light and salt of the world. That way you'll see that even in her music she has a unique was when it comes to interpreting music and creating her own.

"There's a price to pay when you need fulfill your destiny, you MUST pay the price."

We hope that as you discover Allison that you may be blessed with the sound that will release in the atmosphere and with the words of encouragement that she is constantly sharing.

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